Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Best Page in The Avengers Marvel Masterworks edition

I was flipping through my edition of the Avengers Marvel Masterworks edition recently and came across what may be my favorite page of avengers comics ever. Captain America is moping after working out with a bunch of big bruiser type wrasslers,

"all my training--all my skill--and STILL I was unable to save Bucky years ago!"

...and in walks the Avengers intern Rick Jones DRESSED LIKE CAP'S DEAD PARTNER. The expression on Cap's face is spectacular.

An aside...This page is just as fun and exciting as any action sequence, a testament to Mr. Jack Kirby... Seeing Rick Jones as Bucky makes Cap FLIP THE FUCK OUT, and screams at Rick to take off the costume, and snatches the domino mask off of Rick's face. I like to imagine, after that, Cap begins sobbing while pointing at Rick-Bucky to get out of his room, but he probably just has his head buried in his hands. Please read these three panels...they are amazing.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did folks! Or else...